Tips in passing the ECE Board Exam

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Starting in the Right Direction  The fact that you are now reading this article means you are ready  to move on and face this new challenge in your life. Before starting your review, just look straightforward – stop regretting and blaming yourself for not being able to study hard enough in college (if you think you did not) and failing to acquire all the knowledge that you are suppose to learn upon graduating from your dear alma mater. From now on, you must be focusing on achieving these two important goals: to LEARN and to PASS the ECE Licensure Exam.

Probability of Passing To give you an idea, you need to answer correctly 35 out of 50 multiple-choice questions in Mathematics and 70 out of 100 for Electronics and Communications. I can assure you that 4 serious months of review is enough to make an average graduate capable of answering 60% of the questions with confidence. And since each questions has 4 choices, by using all the knowledge you learned plus some techniques (such as elimination method), it is highly probable that you will be able to answer correctly 25% of the remaining questions (or 10% of the total to get 70%). As you may have noticed, using the laws of probability, by luck alone, anyone is capable of answering 25% of the remaining questions correctly.

Why Take the Board Exam? Have you ever asked yourself why should we first pass the board exam before becoming a full-fledged Electronics and Communications Engineer? It is because not all students who graduated even in prestigious institutions are competent enough to handle the job of an ECE. Ask yourself now, “if I will take the board exam at this very moment, in which case the questions are based from the most basic concepts that a graduate of B.S. E.C.E should know, am I confident enough to say that I will pass the exam?”

Topping the Board If you think you have studied hard enough in college, and have understood all the lessons from your major subjects, well, good for you – you may take this review as a chance to summarize what you have learned for the past 4 or 5 years. You also have a better chance of not just passing but also making it to the top. If instead, you think otherwise, this is the best opportunity to study what you failed to learn during your college days.

Review to Learn During the course of your review, do not keep on asking yourself whether you will be able to pass the exam, but rather ask yourself this way: “with this review program I am taking right now, will I be able to LEARN all the BASIC concepts that a new ECE graduate must know, just before the day of the board exam?”.

Be a Professional If you really want to earn your license, you must first teach yourself on how to behave like a professional. Learn how to be PROFESSIONAL enough in facing your new challenge. Many of those who took the board exam fail because they consider studying and preparing for the board exam a burden for themselves. They did not realized that they have endured studying for more than 14 years; and reviewing for some more months should not be as hard as they think. All you need to do is to discipline yourself and study hard for the next 4 months. Always remember that if you really love your degree, LEARNING everything related to your profession will be a rewarding experience. You will see for yourself that PASSING the board exam is inevitable because it will just be a direct consequence of your hard work and dedication to learn.

Not Everyone Deserves to Pass the Board Exam If at this point, you feel, you are not willing to study hard but instead base your chances of passing to pure luck and worse, from leakages (if there’s any), then you deserve to fail the board exam! Because if you do pass, you will not help but instead be a burden to your future company and to the society. What you just want is to use your profession to find a job and earn money. Your not thinking of what you can provide to the company but rather what the company can provide to you. Well, it’s not too late for you to change that attitude. If in college you are a lazy student and you have developed the habit of cheating then start changing for your own good and for the goodness of our society. I must add that preparing for the board exam is not purely mental; it includes social, physical, emotional and most importantly spiritual preparation.

So Good Luck and may the Force be with you! 😀



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