The launch of a new Blog

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Hi, it’s been a months since my last posts because being busy with life, work and college which I almost forgot to post new topics. I have been checking and researching throughout the internet and I haven’t seen a good updated electronics video blog(ofcourse except EEVblog 👍 and a few) and so I have decided to launch a new video blog, Project Electronics.

Well I have been blogging for almost a decade but now it’s my first time to do a video blog, so it is a somewhat new for me and I can’t promise it to be good, BUT I promise to improve it to be one of the best. My target is well to teach those who want to enter the Electronics community, to understand the concepts and learn how it works, and also for those who are already knowledgeable about Electronics Engineering to learn something thing new that they didn’t might know. As much as possible I’m going to try to be as informative and fun also so it wouldn’t be another boring class lectures. Fun Learning always should be the best!



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