Strut Fittings manufacturers

Aug 13, 2019
Fabmann is a professional manufacturer and supplier for the design, development and production of sheet metal parts.
Fabmann's manufacturing unit is ISO9001 certified, and all of our production is made under strict production process control.
All of Fabmann's deliveries are subjected to strict production control covering raw material, measurement, welding and surface treatment.
1. Introduction
Strut U fitting is widely used together with Z fitting, wing fitting to connect strut channels.
Custom Strut U Fitting
OEM Strut U Fitting
Custom Channel U fitting
2. Advantage
A. Easy to install
B. Heavy duty
C. Different strut fitting options to fit different job requirements
D. Good anti-corrosion surface treatment for most environment
E. Different material available stainless steel and carbon steel
F. Different surface treatment like powder coating, zinc plating or hot dip galvanization
3. Specification
Length: 80-300mm;
Height: 3/4"-31/4" (19mm-82.5mm)
Material: Mild Steel, stainless steel (304 or 316) thickness from 4mm to 6.35mm
HDG Thickness: 60-80μm (430-750g/m²)
Galvanization according to ISO1461, AS/NZS4680, ASTM A123
Fabmann provides custom production for all kinds of channel fitting like U fitting, Z fitting, wing fitting and flat fitting, and also makes different surface treatment like zinc plating, HDG and powder coating.
4. Application
Channel U fitting is widely used for connecting strut channels, and it's often used in factory, workshop, warehouse and garage.
5. Service
Fabmann produces a full range of channel fitting, and can deliver in 30days.
6. Our Factory
Strut U Fitting Manufacturers
Strut U Fitting Suppliers
China Strut U Fitting Factory
Channel U fitting Manufacturers
Channel U fitting Suppliers
China Channel U fitting Facory
Established in 1992, we have exported sheet metal and stamping parts to Australia, Canada, America, Europe and Japan. Under the Brand of Fabmann, we provide quality warranty for all of our sheet metal fabrication, welding fabrication and stamping parts with competitive price.
If you are interested in any of our strut u fitting or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.Strut Fittings manufacturers
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