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  1. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK - NM-A481

    Lenovo Ideapad 300-151SK bmwq1/BMWQ2 NM -A481 REV 1.0
  2. Abbas

    BoardViewer (Software Open Boardview)

    Software for opening PCB Boardview files. Recommended Version: BoardViewer open v1.2.0 Support: BoardViewer system requirements: Operating system Windows XP or newer versions Installed Microsoft .Net Framework, version 4 and up DirectX version 10 and up (highly recommended but not...
  3. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Toshiba Satellite P50-A - PSPMKU VGSG-GS MB

    Toshiba Satellite P50-A PART NO:PSPMKU-00V002 VGSG GS REV 2.1
  4. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop HP 14 HEDWIG2-6050A3023801-MB-A01 [A1]

    HP 14 HEDWIG2-6050A3023801-MB-A01 [A1] BIOS
  5. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop EE480/EE580 NM-B421 Rev 1.0

    BIOS E480 nm-b421 rev1.0 EE480 EE580 NM-B421 Rev 1.0 2017-10-30.bin ECROM ITE
  6. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Toshiba Satellite C850 PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR UMA MB Rev: 2.1

    Toshiba C850 PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR UMA MB Rev: 2.1 BIOS 4MB Pegatron PLF/PLR/CSF/CSR UMA boardview (*.asc) toshiba plf plr csf csr uma mb 2.1_Clear me test ok.BIN
  7. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Positivo Stilo XCI 3650 71R-S14BW4-T811 REV 1.1

    Positivo Stilo XCI 3650 71R-S14BW4-T811 REV 1.1
  8. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop T311-REV05 Zeng-gc 2016-05-24

    T311-REV05 Zeng-gc 2016-05-24
  9. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop 340C-15IWL FV440/FS441/FS540 NM-C121

    340C-15IWL FV440/FS441/FS540 NM-C121 BIOS ATCNXXWW NM-C121 KB_pins=32 LEFT DOWN 08MM PD0=13 PD1=17 PD2=19 PD3=24 PD4=20 PD5=16 PD6=23 PD7=21 BUSY=10 STB=18 AFD=7 INIT=14 SLIN=15 KSI4=11 KSI5=12 IT8586E S145-15IWL ascn40ww.bin
  10. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop V14-ADA, V15-ADA, ideapad 3-14ADA05, ideapad 3-15ADA05, ideapad 3-17ADA05 NM-D151

    V14-ADA, V15-ADA, ideapad 3-14ADA05, ideapad 3-15ADA05, ideapad 3-17ADA05 BIOS NM-D151 E8CN21WW.bin
  11. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop SONY SVD13 MBX-281

  12. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Lenovo U530 IT8587E

    Lenovo U530 IT8587E
  13. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop HP Elitebook 2560P - 6050A2400201-MB-A02

    HP Elitebook 2560P 6050A2400201-MB-A02 Schematic HP EliteBook 2560P - INVENTEC STYX - BUILD MV - 6050A2400201 - REV AX2 15ABR2011
  14. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop HP 14-am045la serial BIOS DINERINL-6050A2823301-MB-A01

    HP 14-am045la serial BIOS BID: 081DC 081DD 081E0 081E1 081EA 6050A2823301
  15. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Ideapad 320-14IKB NM-B321 BIOS and Schematics

    Ideapad 320-14IKB NM-B321 BIOS Schematics Lenovo Ideapad 320-14IKB=LCFC DG425 DG525 NM-B321 G 320 AST M/B Schematics Document NM_B321 REV:0.2 AMD R17M-M1-70 2017-02-04 Lenovo 320-15AST DG425 DG525 DG725 NM-B321 Rev1.0 dis photo boardview LCFC NM-B321 DG525 r1.0.tvw Lenovo 320-15AST DG425...
  16. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop HP Elite x2 1012 G1 Tablet MERITAGE-6050A2748801-MB-A01

    HP Elite x2 1012 G1 Tablet HP Elite x2 1012 G1 HP Elite x2 1012 G1 Tablet HP Elite x2 1012 G1 Tablet BIOS N85_0116
  17. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop V273_PCB V273_MBX REV 1.1 1P-0143J00-8011

    V273_PCB V273_MBX REV 1.1 1P-0143J00-8011
  18. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Dell Precision M2800 LA-9413P ( Latitude E6540 )

    Dell Dell Precision M2800 System BIOS Rev 1.0 LA-9413P ( Latitude E6540 ) CPU 4th, GPU 216-0842036
  19. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop ASUS N551J N551JK - BIOS

    BIOS ASUS N551J N551JK REV: 2.0 GPU: 15P-GT-A2
  20. Abbas

    BIOS Laptop Dell Vostro 1015n pp37l DA0VM9VB6B0 REV.B

    Dell Vostro 1015n pp37l DA0VM9VB6B0 REV.B